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Shared Values



If you do not pick up the burden of being responsible for what you can and cannot do, then others within the government will determine that for you. 


Individual Rights

Rights such as life, liberties, and property belong to us by nature and can only be justly challenged through proper due process.



Hold yourself accountable for establishing expectations with those who represent you at all levels of government to optimize "success" for you, not them.

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As an individual, you are able to choose your own course of action, conscience, and matter of living so long as you act in a way that does not violate the freedom of choice for others. 


Private Control

The natural rights of all individuals include creating, obtaining, and controlling your possessions, beliefs, and faculties as well as the fruits of your labor. 



When individual rights are respected by all levels of government, increased competition can maximize economic benefit for society by providing the most goods and services possible at the lowest cost.

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